EQUAFLUX automatic diaphragm pulsation dampeners feature solid build and high performance. They are fitted to the discharge line of diaphragm pumps in order to smooth pulsating flows and can be used with liquids having high apparent viscosity even if containing suspended solids of considerable size.
EQUAFLUX dampeners automatically adapt to system conditions without the need for manual adjustment or calibration.The ability to minimise pulsations, vibrations and water hammer means that this component provides excellent protection and smooth system flow.
The huge choice of construction materials allows selection of optimum chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or environment without neglecting the temperature range. Dampeners are also available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX certification).


Main features

Description of the dampener

Diaphragm pulsation dampeners consist of a pneumatic actuator connected to the new generation diaphragm (Long Life profile). The sturdy outer body forms the actuator’s compressed-air chamber for suppressing pressure surges on one side of the diaphragm and the chamber through which the fluid flows on the other.

A = expansion openinggen-equaflux-pulsation-dampeners-esploso.jpg
B1 = air-side diaphragm
B2 = fluid-side diaphragm
C = automatic pneumatic valve
D = compressed-air chamber

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Equaflux_51.jpg   Equaflux 51 Series


 Equaflux_100.jpg   Equaflux 100 Series


 Equaflux_200.jpg   Equaflux 200 Series


 Equaflux_302.jpg   Equaflux 302 Series


 Equaflux_303.jpg   Equaflux 303 Series

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