These portable drum-transfer immersion pumps are designed to pump corrosive liquids.
Their special shape ensures that any spillages are collected in the drum. Available with fully-interchangeable electric or pneumatic motor, these pumps have an open impeller that allows continuous pumping of clean corrosive liquids having apparent viscosity of up to 600 cps with 500-watt electric and pneumatic motor (at 20°C) and 900 cps with 800-watt electric motor (at 20°C). TR-EL series pumps driven by an electric motor are also fitted with a safety cut-out switch that prevents accidental restart after a power outage.

Main features


Description of the pumps

These drum transfer pumps consist of a dip tube the end of which houses the open impeller that is secured to the driveshaft connected to the pump by means of a ring nut, whilst transmission is provided by a shaft coupling.

A = drive couplingtr-drum-transfer-pumps-schema.jpg
B = motor ring nut
C = bearing
D = delivery duct
E = dip tube
F = PTFE bushing
G = impeller
H = suction port
I = shaft










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