Saniboxer From Debem


SANITARY DIAPHRAGM PUMP for handling food and pharmaceutical fluids.

3A Certified, made in stainless steel Aisi316 mechanically polished achieving a roughness < 0,8µm, SANIBOXER pump is designed for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

Dry self-priming, possibility to perform a thin regulation of the speed without losing pressure, as well as the possibility to run dry without damages, are characteristics which give to these pumps a versatility of use precedent. Their constructive principle makes them especially suitable for heavy applications with a lot of humidity or in a potentially explosive environment (ATEX certification).



SANIBOXER diaphragm pneumatic pumps have been designed and manufactured for pumping liquids with apparent viscosity from 1 to 15.000 cps at 20°C (see installation type). They are made with materials compatible with fluids according to 3A certification and the chemical stuffs to be used for pump’s cleaning and sterilization and the C.I.P. washing.

The pump’s functioning is allowed with exercise temperature (fluid temperature + room temperature) compatible with pump components materials and never above 95°C.


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